Saturday, May 19, 2012

Going short and fast

I noticed that a lot of programs for speedwork often include intervals done at 5km pace. That's all good and well except I don't have a 5km pace so to speak. I just punch in whatever recent race I have done in a training pace calculator to estimate. I tried to do a 5km sometime last year in December, but despite going through 4km in 16:40 odd and slowing but not all that much, ended up going through the finish in just under 27 minutes. Probably not 5km then. I was running with my brother and he was in fantastic shape then, running 21 for 5km, and finished 30s ahead of me and he was equally baffled.

So with the coaches permission, I switched my easy 10km today to a 5km time trial. My wife was doing the 10km at the Mazda Run in Silverton, and my brother and I entered the 5km fun run. It was bitterly cold. I ran in a long sleeved vest for the first in many months and it never warmed up enough to strip off.

The route was nice and flat. We set out 10 minutes after the 10/21.1s and thankfully didn't follow their bulkier tougher route. I set off briskly. I must say I'm fonder of the longer stuff as I have time to lock into a comfortable pace. Even with the 10km, I find that within that second kilometre I really need to be locked into my pace otherwise I'm fighting to make up time and I tire myself out. I went through the 1km in 3:48, and though I pulled it back a bit by 3km I was comfortably under 4min/km, going though in 11:41 and oddly in second place. I was never going to catch the junior up ahead but I kept him in my sights and hit the end in 19:25. I was hoping for a 20:xx but to finish in in under 20 at 3:53 pace was awesome. I'm also pleased that I was in control of my pace throughout. I nevet felt exhausted at any point and always felt like I had something in the tank. Clearly doing those hills at WITS is helping!

So the PB fairy tale continues, and I'm just enjoying the ride at the moment. I still don't think I'm a fast runner so to speak, I've enjoyed running half marathons more than the shorter stuff, but I'll do two or three more 5kms over the next few weeks just to build confidence and to keep my legs turning!

And long may the PB run continue!

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